The Trustly Payment Method and White Hat Casinos

Even by electronic payment service standards, Trustly is a new entrant to the casino market. Today’s widespread and generally available electronic payment services arrived as a result of the need to make fast and secure deposits at casinos. Money transfers before this were based on the telegram “wire” network, but the advent of online market place eBay resulted in the need for more practical payment services. Therefore, even the oldest of the new services dates back only to the turn of the century. Yet Trustly first arrived barely a decade ago in 2008. Even then, it was an obscure payment service used only in its homeland Sweden and its Scandinavian neighbours. By 2016 however, its use had spread through much of continental Europe. It had partnership agreements with over a hundred banks, operating in close to thirty different countries. These included Poland, Italy and Spain in addition to all the Scandinavian nations. With a total customer base of over 65 million consumers, it was responsible for payments of over €1.7 billion in figures published for the previous financial year. It also boasted total revenues of around €20 million. The company has recently introduced its service to the United Kingdom, where it is now an ever more popular way for people to make online payments. Trustly is always offered as a payment option for players at White Hat Gaming casinos. The company remains based in Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden. It is responsible for the employment of over 200 people across the continent, most of whom continue to be based in Sweden.

How does Trustly work?

All you need is to be registered for online banking with any participating bank. In the United Kingdom, all the main retail banks like Barclays, HSBC and NatWest are signed up. When you make a deposit with an online casino, just look for the Trustly link. After tapping or clicking on this, select your own bank from the list of participating organisations. You then log in with your usual banking log in credentials (i.e. your usual username and password), select your chosen account and then confirm the payment.

You will then receive a confirmation code on your mobile to confirm the payment. And that’s it. You don’t need to pre-register to use Trustly. It’s all done the first time you use the service.

There is no fee to pay either. Trustly will charge a commission to the casino at which you have made a deposit. Therefore you do not pay a fee directly to Trustly. Some casinos may charge this back to you so it is wise to read the T&Cs beforehand.

The real advantages of using Trustly are its convenience. It’s simple and quick – no need to fumble around for credit or debit cards and type in long 16 digit account numbers. It’s secure too. When you use Trustly, you are not revealing any of your personal financial details, either to the vendor or anyone else. So the chances of hacking or fraud are much reduced.

So when you are making online payments, Trustly is a great option. It’s quick, simple and free for you to use. What’s not to like?