Play With Realistic Games

Realistic Games is a United Kingdom based software company which produces games which are widely available on online casinos compatible with the UK market. Their high quality slots and other games are a regular choice for casino operators on the lookout for alternative titles for their players. This includes White Hat Gaming casinos, so you will be able to find a selection of Realistic Games on these sites.

The History Behind Realistic Games

The company was founded back in 2002. It has avoided the lure of the big city life by remaining close to its roots in the provincial English town of Reading. This is situated around forty miles west of London. It remains a relatively small company, with a total workforce of around a hundred, mostly based in Reading or along the M4 corridor. The company also has a correspondence / administrative headquarters on the UK overseas territory of Gibraltar for licencing and possibly tax purposes.

Realistic Games have always been focused on the online and mobile casino industry. For most of the first decade, the company concentrated on producing games for other platforms, and the majority of their output was in more traditional table games, such as Blackjack, Roulette and some Poker style titles.

In the early days, the company worked closely with many of the main high street sports betting chains, and also for their online casino portals. This included the design of online games, but also software for Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs), which can be found in just about every high street betting shop. Big name companies which signed up for Realistic Games’ designs included Bet365, Betfred, Ladbrokes and Sporting Bet.

It was 2011 which saw a massive change in the company’s strategy. Firstly, Realistic Games decided to launch their own gaming platform. This enabled them to be much more creative and flexible with regard to the online content they could design, and also enabled them to broaden the potential customer base for their games.

This was immediately apparent when the company became one of the pioneers in adopting the new HTML5 programming protocol, enabling more games to be compatible with play on mobile devices. The number of slot releases began to increase as the company’s talented designers were free to use their creative skills to their maximum potential.

This creativity was particularly evident in 2013, when the company released its smash hit game Super Graphics Upside Down. This innovative Japanese anime inspired slot (it does what it says on the tin) was an immediate success, and remains one of Realistic games’ most popular titles.

The fresh strategy was an immediate success. The company’s output of popular slots increased markedly, and Realistic Games’ titles began to become available much more widely on casinos compatible with the UK market. The company continued its productive relationship with major UK sports betting firms, with further deals announced with the likes of Paddy Power and William Hill.

More importantly from an online casino industry perspective, it also signed new licencing deals with other online gaming providers, such as Gaming Realms (the owner of the ‘Slingo’ brand), GVC and NYX Gaming. This brought the company’s games to the attention of millions more players as their titles could be offered by far more online casinos.

The Catalogue of Realistic Games Slots Titles

The company has now built up a formidable range of excellent slots games which are well regarded by both players and industry insiders alike. They continue to provide traditional table game formats, but the focus now is far more directed toward slot output.

Realistic Games’ catalogue of games now numbers close to a hundred in total. Its iconic Super Graphics Upside Down slot remains the company’s biggest hit, but it has far more in its locker than this – it is far from a ‘one hit wonder’.

Other popular titles include classics from many different genres. Egyptology, fruity favourites, gemstones and ‘luck of the Irish’ are all well covered. But perhaps it is the company’s more quirky and imaginative titles which really stand out. It Came From The Moon is a clever and humorous pastiche of those 1950’s Hollywood ‘B’ movies, while Double Your Dough, a licenced classic TV quiz show format, is a shark infested fun filled frolic. The company has also produced a game which will be popular with Scousers everywhere (well, half of them anyway), with its officially licenced Liverpool Football Club slot.

Realistic Games cannot be regarded as prolific, with less than a hundred games in total to show for close to two decades of work. But it remains a relatively small company, with a high quality output. It also remains popular with both casino operators and their players. The company continues to produce excellent slots and other games.

The company seems to be moving toward designing more officially licenced franchised titles. Play Your Cards Right (it does seem to like old school TV quiz formats) has already been released and further such launches are planned. A re-boot / update of their classic Super Graphics title is also afoot.

All in all, the prospects for this small town (as opposed to big city – I don’t want to offend the proud residents of Reading) suburban outfit are good. Realistic Games’ slots and other games are widely available and remain a regular choice for players and promoters alike.