White Hat Gaming Casinos with Elk Studios Titles

Since Elk Studios inception in 2012, the company has released a steady, but small stream of slots titles. These include Dj Wild, The Lab and Taco Brothers. While not the most prolific of slots software companies their titles are hugely popular. Below is a selection of white hat gaming casinos with elk studios slots.

Who Are Elk Studios?

Stunning graphics, exciting gameplay, unusual and innovative features: these are just some of the characteristics this Swedish software studio’s fans love about ELK Studios’ games. Founded in 2012, this energetic company have focused on quality, not quantity. As a result, they have built a compact but spectacular portfolio of exceptional slots which White Hat Gaming casino operators know their players will love. Despite their success within the online gaming software industry, they have remained true to their Scandinavian roots. The company continues to base itself in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. It also still retains a relatively small, close knit team of designers and coders: its total workforce remains less than fifty despite its acclaimed success. So what has enabled ELK Studios to forge this consistently high reputation amongst industry insiders, casino operators and players alike? Well, it certainly is not because they are prolific. Over their years of existence, the company has released just a couple of dozen or so titles in total. But the consistency and quality of their output is truly astounding. Virtually every game features amazing, colourful graphics, with exceptional attention to detail. From the very first slot to roll off the production line, the quality has been superb. Even the early releases remain player favourites, and seem not to have dated at all. The Lab was first, issued in October 2014. It’s a beautifully realised, colourful game, which pointed the way ahead. Many companies play it safe with early output: sticking to established themes and conventions. But The Lab it was an imaginative game which did not conform to any of the well-known genres.

A Look at some Elk Studio Games Releases

It is difficult to pick the best from such a radical repertoire: everyone has their own favourites. Released in 2015, Taco Brothers is a wacky invention, set in the beautiful Mexican village of Santa Maria. Here the villagers live happily in taco heaven, until the dastardly Captain Diaz arrives from Spain to steal their favourite food supplies. Your job is to help the trio of brothers and the villages from the evil Captain’s plans. There are features galore on this classic game, which is one of the most popular titles in the ELK Studio range. Since its release, close to 100 million spins have been taken on this iconic game, which is popular around the world (particularly in Mexico). Wild Toro, issued in 2016, is another beautiful design. Here, the setting is Spain, but there is a link back to Taco Brothers, because here the villain is the evil Captain’s son Diaz Jr. Bullfighting is a controversial subject – even for a slot design, but here, the hero is Toro the Bull, who always seems to get the upper hand on the hapless matadors – even Sr. Diaz himself. It’s your task to assist El Toro as he sees off whatever sneaky plans the matadors have for him. As a more niche example of ELK Studio’s output, DJ Wild (2015) was a stunning creation. If the club music scene is your thing, the colours, gameplay and atmospheric soundtrack certainly add atmosphere to every spin. But my personal favourite is Bloopers (2016), a Hollywood movie inspired stars v production staff caper. In this game, it’s the actors who are the fall guys and the behind the camera team who are in the spotlight. Here, the Sound Tech, the Cutter, the Stuntman, and others take centre stage as they attempt to film the final scene. There are five different Blooper special features to look out for in this stunningly realised game.

Elk Studios Betting Strategies Explained

But the company don’t just rely on their widely acclaimed graphic design talent. They are also responsible for some truly innovative features. One in particular is unique to ELK Studios: Betting Strategies. This option enables players to pre-set their stake levels according to their personal risk profile. Bet levels are automatically adjusted to suit player’s pre-determined attitude to risk. There are four different options. For example, the Booster will raise your bet level after each losing round, up to a maximum of 10 x your original stake. The Jumper on the other hand, will raise stake levels after each winning round. If you are a bit more cautious, like me, then the Optimiser could be the strategy for you. This changes your bet level according to a pre-set percentage of your remaining balance. You can choose whichever strategy you wish to follow at any time, or choose none and play in the usual way if you prefer. The system works especially well with the Auto Play feature. In the end though, impressive though the spectacular graphics are, it’s the human touch which helps this company’s games to stand out. Each title has a real story attached to it. You almost get to feel that you are truly on the side of those poor Mexican villagers, or that you are a part of El Toro the Bull’s heroic fight. ELK Studios games are exceptionally entertaining to play, but they are truly immersive in a way which other software design companies struggle to match. So while ELK Studios may not be the most prolific of gaming software providers, when they do release something new, it is a big event. The production line may be a little slow when compared to many of its rivals: four per annum is typical, although maybe the pace is beginning to pick up. 2018 was an especially productive year, with a total of eight new games on the market. Included amongst these was Valkyrie – the company’s first 3D game. But whenever a new game is released, you know it’s going to be worth taking a look. Just to find out what have those Swedish software geniuses come up with next.